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Carpet widths are typically 12’, 13 ½’, and 15’.



Measuring Rooms and Carpet Needs

Let’s say the width of the room is 20’ by 14’. If the carpet chosen has a 15’ width option, this would be the best case scenario for the room, but keep in mind not all carpets have a 15’ option so basic seams will be used. If the carpet only comes in 12’ width, there would be a 2’ fill piece that is put in with a basic, and sometimes a T-Seam. Sometimes there will be waste depending on the shape of the room and the width of the carpet. See figures below for waste and fills.


carpet-measurement-t-seam14’x20’ room with 12’ wide carpet will require a basic seam, and a T-seam in some cases.







14’x20’ room with 15’ wide carpet will have 1’ waste, which can either be used as a fill.









All you would do is take the length and multiply by 1.67 to get the yardage needed. What is the 1.67 for? Well again carpet is measured in yardage, so that number comes from the width of the carpet divided by 9. For the same room, width and length using carpet and a width of 12’, you would have to divide 12’ by 9 and multiply the length of the room in linear feet. You should come up with 15.96 yards (always round up to the nearest third of a yard, 16 yards).

You will notice this doesn’t cover the entire room. What’s needed is a fill piece. This is where it can get complicated. Take the room width (14’) divide by 2 (7’) to get the fill piece. This will cover the extra two feet needed and will mostly likely have a T-Seam involved. In this case, there will be a waste piece of carpet.

Sometimes waste carpet is involved, as it is rare for yardage needed to match up perfectly with the square footage of your room. For instance, you can measure a room (length multiplied by width) and come up with 300 sq ft. If you divide by 9, the yardage number should be 33.33 yards.

Depending on the room configuration, it may require fill pieces of carpet which may leave waste pieces explained above therefore the actual yardage number will be higher when the square footage number is divided by 9.

Keep in mind carpets with a “pattern repeat” such as Berbers or pattern, measuring can be a little more difficult. Any carpet with a pattern repeat should be stated on the carpet sample with all the specifications and may involve a little more waste carpet than other styles.

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