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  • April 25, 2013 10:23 pm
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The specifications below all play a role in the effectiveness of your carpeting.


The density part of the equation can be an important one. The closer the carpet fibers are to one another, the denser the carpet. A high dense carpet with a very low cut pile can withstand higher traffic levels, as opposed to a low density with a high pile, which can crush easier if it also has a low twist count.


Some of us may not want very dense carpet. Others prefer a loser look and feel, and this is when the twist comes into play. The twist level is measured by the amount of twists the plies of carpet are given. The higher the amount of twists, the safer you are when choosing a low density carpet, 6 twists per inch is a good number to start on.


Misinformed sales reps can give you misleading information on the carpets weight. Keep in mind there are two different ways to tell the weight if the carpet. Total Weight is the carpet fibers, plus the latex glue and the backings that hold it all together. Face Weight is the area you want to focus on, because it is the amount of actual carpet fiber.


When choosing a carpet, the backing can sometimes play a role in the amount of years you get from it. The backing is what holds the carpet tuft (the fiber) into place. There are two pieces of backing. The primary piece of backing is the second piece, and uses a woven, sometimes non-woven fabric in which the yarn is inserted by the tufting needles. The backing you can see is what’s laminated to the back of the carpet to increase dimensional stability. The two are placed together with a latex glue to hold the carpet in place. A higher end piece of carpet typically uses better latex glue.

Bulked continuous filament, otherwise know as “BCF”, is continuous strands of synthetic fiber. It is formed into yarn bundles of filaments which are texturized to increase bulk and cover. This means your carpet will not cause your vacuum bag to load up with fragments of carpet fibers.


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